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PVC pipes have an absolute hermeticity due to the bore-threaded connection
PVC is resistant to corrosion and chemicals
Ukr|Polimer provides quick delivery of products
More than 5 years on the market
The leader in sales of casing pipes in Ukraine
Low prices and wide range
Casing pipes
LLC “Ukr | Polymer” successfully positioned as a manufacturer of pipes for wells made of…
Heads for wells
Ukr|Polimer is actively producing and distributing heads for wells. Heads for wells protects the well…
Filters for wells
Water is extracted from aquifers and contains unstable or friable breeds. In water, which is…
Components for wells
One of the directions of activity of Ukr|Polimer is the manufacturing of components for wells,…
About manufacturing technology
About manufacturing technology

Ukr|Polimer uses exclusively automatic conveyor lines of a European manufacturer for the production of casing pipes and bore-threaded connections. These lines have common control mechanisms, automatically perform a cycle of operations in a technological sequence and equipped with automatic transportation system for moving products from one machine to another. Automatic line is one of the most simple, reliable and important directions of technological progress, provides automation of production, the most rapid and high-quality manufacturing of products.

About the wells
About the wells

The well is a rather complex hydraulic structure, in the form of a deep hole in the soil, made by a drilling tools which allows you to get the required amount of water. Each owner of a private houses and lands requires for themselves sufficient supplies of water for everyday use. Due to modern technologies, the methods of well-drilling are constantly being improved, which allows us to make this process more qualitative and convenient. Drilling wells allows you to get rid of many household problems. Ukr|Polimer is a reliable partner in the selection of casing pipes and components.

Equipment for wells from the company Ukr|Polymer

In the process of drilling a well and for its arrangement, you or the drilling company will need to equip wells. The company Ukr|Polymer has been producing:

  1. Casing Pipes
  2. Well Filters
  3. Highlights
  4. Accessories (plugs, adapters)

You can equip a well with various methods – for example, with or without a storage tank, with a column or a pump. Before any purchase, consult with the specialists of the company Ukr|Polymer, who will answer all the relevant questions and tell you which choice will be best in your particular case in order to reasonably manage your budget.

Well Equipment: What We Offer

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional driller or just want to buy the products of our store for personal use, we offer you:

  • a rich and constantly replenished range;
  • nice prices, a real discount system for regular customers;
  • advice on buying and operating.

We have filled our site with new pipes, filters, and various kinds of components, as well as the technical characteristics of each product, designed to help you choose, give information, and present our products. If you still have not clarified the questions – we are always ready to come to the rescue, to prompt and tell.