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Heads for wells

The cap for the well from the company Ukr|Polymer

The head of the well is a nozzle that closes the surface outlet of the casing for the well, preventing it from getting inside:

  • precipitation;
  • debris, dirt, leaves;
  • small animals, insects, other foreign objects;
  • as well as from unauthorized access by humans and animals for damage or other vandalism.

They are made of polymers or metal and have a different design, depending on the diameter, price and purpose.

Distinguish between conventional and anti-vandal options for closing wells. The first ones are simply put on tightly from above or not, and the second ones are bolted on the outside of the rubber sealing end, passing through the flange, are fixed with nuts from the inside. They can also optionally be equipped with eyebolts, which are necessary for fixing them, fixing cables or other engineering systems.

In the middle of the tips there are collet clamps through which water is supplied from the well. Some models have a hole for cable entry and at the bottom (which is inside the well) may have hooks/carbines for fastening and holding the wires and the pump for the well.

By material performance distinguish options in metal and plastic casing. The first models are more durable, others are more functional.

Vandal-proof options will be useful for wells that are in public access, whereas for private and protected areas the usual options are suitable, which will also help you save the budget. A plus head is the ease of connecting to water due to the fact that they have standard collet sizes.

A well cap for buy from Ukr|Polymer

We offer you a wellhead for buy with delivery throughout Ukraine. You can buy a tip for a well with a pipe diameter (mm):

– standard caps:

  • 125mm
  • 140mm

– geometric:

  • 125mm
  • 140mm
  • 160mm

We are ready to advise you with pleasure on all existing issues regarding the wellhead, to offer options for your budget and according to the technological requirements of operation.