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Filters for wells

Filter for wells with polypropylene spraying

Each well has such a thing as an “aquifer” – this is the area at the depth from which water enters the pipe. There may be several if the pipe is deep. For example, at a depth of 300 meters such horizons can occur 3-4 or even more. Filters installed on the pipe are used to take water from them. Through filters located on the material of the outer part of the pipe walls, water flows through the drilled wall holes inwards and then is pumped to the surface by a pump. Filter for wells is one of the most important parts, the performance of which determines the durability of the life of the entire well. On various aquifers, water is present in the form of varying degrees of polluted fluid. Almost all the water on any aquifer is somehow polluted with minerals, salts, mud, clay and loam, sand, and at the very top horizon – it absorbed all the pesticides, mud and surface “chemistry”. However, from the point of view of pumping water for private use by households or on an industrial scale, the most important thing in the filtration system is the purification of water from sand and coarse fractional impurities. This is what filters for wells are needed.

Filter for well buy

The company Ukr|Polymer manufactures filters for wells with polypropylene spraying. Polypropylene allows filtering out the mechanical parts of impurities larger than a hundredth of a millimeter, it is chemically inert and resistant to mechanical deformations, and therefore the well can last for decades without the need for repair. To achieve greater efficiency, it is recommended to enclose the space around the filter with coarse quartz sand and around it with rubble, in order to improve the quality of filtration and reduce the pollution of filters for wells.