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Casing pipes

What is a well casing and how it is used

Casing pipes for wells are made of various materials, used for casing wells drilled to supply water for domestic, industrial and commercial use. Borehole casing is the strengthening of a borehole by inserting pipes into it that fit snugly against the walls to prevent the soil from shedding. Between the pipe and the wall, aggregate can be poured, for example, concrete, to give the whole structure integrity, durability, and stability. Before the advent of plastic casing, metal, wood, asbestos-cement and cast-iron versions were used. Plastic products are the next generation, with many advantages:

    • Term of work – more than 50 years due to the manufacture of PVC or NPVH (the latter is also called vinyl plastic – it is polyvinyl chloride without plasticizer);
    • not subject to corrosion, bacterial and biological pollution;
    • are chemically stable, and when the well water is supplied, it is completely chemically neutral;
    • do not collapse with time, they are resistant to deformation (the non-linearity of such a pipe can be in the range of 0.3-1.0 mm per 1 m length);
    • easy to install due to the fact that the pipes are simply wound on each other, creating a sealed pipe route up to 300 meters long, for water intake even artesian water of medium depths

minimum resistance of the pipe walls inside, which simplifies the work of the water pump.

Buy casing for a well from the manufacturer’s company Ukr | Polymer

You can purchase pipes for wells of various diameters from us. They are performed in blue or gray. Popular diameters – from 90 mm to 200 mm, wall thickness – from 5 mm to 9 mm. Casing pipes for wells should be selected depending on such factors:

  • How deep you are going to do the well (the deeper – the greater the pressure on its walls, so you need to choose casing with either thicker walls or smaller in diameter, or both)
  • What is the diameter of your submersible pump and whether it will fully occupy the entire internal diameter of the pipe.

Along the length of the pipe sold 1-5 meters. You will also need plugs on the casing (threaded, zabivny), cap and ukaniya Ukr | Polymer manufactures filters for wells with polypropylene (PP) spraying. Adapters to another diameter, for mounting a pipe for a well in the system of dismantling. To learn more – contact our managers.