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About company

Ukr|Polimer was founded in 2014 and is represented on the Ukrainian market with very positive reviews and affordable prices. The main direction of our company is the production of casing PVC pipes, filters with polypropylene coating and components for wells.

The company is focused on the development of technological innovative decisions, constantly improves in industry of production of goods for mining holes. Ukr|Polimer is constantly upgrading its own production facilities and changing the structure of its organization, stepping in step with time and development of new technologies in it sphere of products for wells.

Permanent and unchanging quality is priority of company Ukr|Polimer. Modern technological conveyor pipelines for the production of casing pipes and components for wells allow to the firm to allow the company to receive high-quality products. The equipment is supported by the latest generation technologies in accordance with international standards.

The highly skilled personnel of the technical control department and the specialized equipment guarantee constant quality control of the company’s products.

The success of the company would not be possible without participation, responsibility and professionalism of people employed in it. Our employees fully realize the work rules of company.

The same as professionalism, also important atmosphere. A company creates a favourable climate for workers and collaboration, it is confirmed by the fact that turnover among employees is very low. We create a harmonious, professional team that contributes to the achievement of real success.

For arrangement of reliable mining hole quality pipes are needed. For this reason our products are made on a modern equipment from quality material under surveillance of highly skilled specialists. For the production of its products Ukr|Polimer uses high-quality raw materials from well-known European suppliers: Anwil С.А (Poland), Vynova (Belgium), BorsodChem (Hungary).

The guarantee of producer is thus provided, that confirm the high physical and mechanical properties of PVC. Also, the results of researches on the aging processes of polyvinyl chloride have shown that the technological characteristics of the material remain unchanged for 50 years or more.

Our competitive advantage above to other manufacturers of this products is an individual approach to each partner, reasonable pricing policy, a wide range of products required for wells.

If you need casing pipes and high quality components, call or email us. Our managers will gladly consult you and will help with the choice of optimal products.